vintage junkie {children's book}

I'll admit it. I'm a vintage junkie. I love old stuff. Well, except Betty White. She kind of annoys me. There is a secondhand store that is in walking distance from my office so, I will usually mosey on down there a few times a week. I thought I'd share my most recent find - a Winnie the Pooh story book. I saw this book and was instantly drawn to it. On the inside cover, it had Susan McNear's name written inside with a little note that said, '72 for Christmas. This made me love the book even more. I had to have it. And, for only $4 - it was a steal.

It makes me feel good to give forgotten items a new life again. I think Susan McNear would be happy to know that her old book is now on my daughter's bookshelf, instead of sitting in a garbage dump {side note: June is not even allowed to touch that book until she is old enough to read it to me}. I am totally having flashbacks now to the ending of Toy Story 3 - when the boy is on his way to college and stops to give his forgotten toys to the little girl so they actually get played with again. Tearjerker.

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