photo booth = good times.

Who doesn't love a good photo booth? If you don't then we cannot be friends. I came across this site for La Photocabine which just happens to be a virtual photo booth. It uses the web cam on your computer to snap the photos and then you can download them in color or black & white. And they have an app for your iphone. Brilliant. All the fun of a photo booth without having to crash a wedding. Oh, and I found this site via the blog, How About Orange. Check it out - it's pretty cool too.

Junie and I had some fun with it this morning. 


  1. Fun, fun!!! Reminds me of piling all the Laviators into that arcade photo booth in Lake Geneva for Tray's party. I also love your desk, but wonder how you squeeze in the time for projects with everything else you have going on. It makes me realize how little I actually accomplish on a daily basis...yikes!

    1. I totally forgot about that Lake Geneva photo booth session! That was a great trip. And honestly, sometimes I feel like my head is spinning with all that I have taken on lately...but in a good way :)