vintage junkie {furniture & mason jars}

I thought I would share my latest vintage awesomeness. Check out this black beauty – my new $20 desk. Yep, it rocks. Even my cats love it. When school was about to start, I decided that I needed my own little area to escape to when I wanted to work on homework. Our townhouse is pretty small so, I made a makeshift workstation in our master bedroom...with a card table. Ew. It wasn’t pretty to look at, to say the least. So, I was on a hunt for a small little desk that I could tuck into my bedroom. I did not have to hunt long – I found this piece a few weeks later at my local thrift store. I loved the size, style, rustic finish and those cute little drawers. Those drawers sold me. They’re so itty bitty. And the center drawer came with a cute paisley drawer liner to boot! Paisley is my favorite. Not to be mistaken for Brad Paisley - he is not my favorite. Ick. Country music.

The desk definitely needs some TLC but it has a lot of potential. My plan is to re-paint the desk and replace the knobs with something more decorative. Replacing knobs is a great way to spruce up any piece of furniture or even your kitchen cabinets. This desk will probably be a summer project along with revamping my master bedroom . I'm so over the burnt orange walls in the background.

Also...check out these glasses I picked up last week. They are rad. Perfect for a cold beer on a nice summer day. Only 108 days until summer officially begins. Wee! I haven’t told my husband that I bought these yet. He’s probably going to have a fit. We have so many different drinking glasses - some that have never been used. But, I couldn’t resist these. Come on…it’s a mason jar with a handle. And, I couldn’t get just one or two but, had to have six of them. What if I had a dinner party and wanted everyone to drink out of a mason jar beer glass? Then, I would be screwed if I only bought two. So, six it was. He will grow to love them.

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