yarn-wrapped baby food jars

I recently helped throw a baby shower for my sister-in-law and had a plethora of fun projects that I have been dying to share. I made these yarn-wrapped baby food jars to be used as centerpieces for each of the tables. So. freaking. cute. Don't worry - I gave myself a nice pat on the back when I finished. I started to notice a trend on Pinterest and such of people wrapping yarn around their beer or wine bottles to use as decor around their home. So, I thought why not wrap some yarn around a baby food jar? They added a really soft touch to the tables, reminiscent of a cozy baby blanket. And...they didn't cost me a fortune either. I also think they would be adorable for a baptism, birthday party or just as a little accent in a child's room. Here are the step-by-step instructions so you to create them as well.

1. To start off you will need: yarn (I used Alpaca), glue, baby food jars (labels removed), bowl & brush.

2. Pour glue into bowl. Brush a thin layer of glue (about an inch thick) around the top of the baby food jar.

3. Starting at the top, wind the yarn around the jar, making sure that there are no gaps in between.

4. Keep applying glue in one inch sections and wrapping yarn over the glue until the jar is covered.

5. Turn the jar upside-down to let the glue towards the bottom dry. 

{You could stop here and they would still look great. Personally, I wanted mine to have more detail.}

6. For this next step I used: decorative ribbon, hemp thread & silver baby charms.

7. Cut the decorative ribbon to size (with a little overlap so the edges don't have a visible seam).

8. Dab glue on the back of the ribbon and glue over the yarn on the center of the jar.

9. Cut a piece of hemp (long enough to tie a bow). Wrap the hemp directly over the ribbon and tie once.

10. Add the charm to one piece of the hemp and then tie a bow. Cut any extra long ends of the hemp.

11. Cut flower stems to size and add to jars along with water.

Boom. Done. Pat yourself on the back.

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