baby shower game: guess the baby food flavor

Ah, baby shower games. I know what some of you are thinking...ugh, I hate shower games. I know, I know. I feel your pain. We have all had our fair share of shower BINGO or trivia so, I don't blame you. Don't cringe just yet though - this game is different and relatively easy to plan {for all you procrastinators out there}. Plus, it doubles as a handy dandy little gift for the parents-to-be. I'm all about sharing ideas around here so, I hope this comes in handy if you ever are the one "in charge of the game" for a baby shower.

You will need:
  • 8 different flavors of baby food (glass jars work best)
  • marker
  • sheet of paper
  • decorative washi tape/ribbon (optional)
  • circle sticker labels (optional)

1. Write numbers on the lid of each baby food jar with a marker.

2. Write down the same numbers & the baby food flavor assigned to each number on a separate sheet of paper. You will use this as your guide when revealing the flavors once the game is complete.

3. Carefully peel the labels off each baby food jar. If you have a hard time removing some of the label residue, run it under warm water and it should peel right off. Save the labels in order to re-apply to the jars once the game is over.

4. Download the fill-in sheet for the guests that I created here and cut to size. Or, if you're feeling crafty, you can create your own.


5. Add some decorative washi tape around the edge of the cap. The one I used above is from Archivers. Ribbon would work well too. This not only pretties up the jar but, it helps ensure that the guests don't open it.

6. Add a label to the lid instead of just using a written number. Extremely optional. I created my own custom labels but, Avery has many free templates you can use too.

Once the game is finished, tape the original labels back onto the baby food jars. Then, pack them up for the parents as an extra little gift.


  1. I love unique game ideas, as you're right, some of the older ones are just so boring now. LOL This one sounds fun, and I like that you can then use the jars as a gift to the parent.


  2. I love games specially if this is shower games.I had attend last sunday a baby shower and the games were the main attraction on that shwoer.

    1. Glad you like the game. Hopefully you can use it at a shower one day!