Chip It!

I am home from work today with my sick little Junie (103 temp = sad little girl). And, while she is taking a much needed nap, I discovered this brilliant site and just had to share it with you all. It's called Chip It! by Sherwin Williams. You basically copy an image link from a website (right click on the image and choose "Copy image URL") and paste it into the designated field on the Chip It! site. Then, like magic, it instantly selects a palette of Sherwin Williams paint colors based off the colors in the photo. Brilliant! 

P.S. I love that the last color chip is June Day! It actually looks very similar to the color of the walls in June's room...weird.


  1. I also think it's appropriate that the color kitty-corner from June Day is Snowberry :) Unfussy Beige looks more like Unfussy Gray to me, though...

    1. Ah I didn't even notice Snowberry! How ironic! Yeah, I wonder how the paint colors actually look in real life opposed to viewing on a computer screen. It sure does help though if you need to pull some colors out of a photo or artwork.

  2. This is epically cool!