My recently purchased vintage desk is just screaming for a re-design. Once this semester of school is over, it's go time. The "Operation Desk Beautiful" project will be in full force. Aside from painting it, I also plan on replacing the knobs with something more quirky and fun. Replacing knobs is one of my favorite little tricks. It can transform any old piece of furniture into a custom creation for very little money. I did this on my daughter's dresser and it gave it an instant facelift. Here are the nominees for my desk. Any thoughts?

one | two | three | four | five | six


  1. I guess it depends what color you're going to paint it, but with the current color, the flower is screaming "PICK ME!" I also like #1 cause, after all, birds are the shit.

  2. I'm still torn on what color to paint the desk. Everyday I think of a new color! Thanks for the input cuz I like them all!