mix tape

Heck yes. Mix tapes are back. And I like it…A LOT. Remember when you would listen to the radio for hours and hours in order to record your favorite new song? Constantly flipping from side A to side B? Driving around in your parent’s car with your friends, listening to your newly completed mix tape, and causing all sorts of ruckus? Well, I do. And it was a damn good time.

For shits and giggles, I decided to dig out all of my old tapes. Check out my stash, yo. Good thing I am a mini-hoarder and keep random stuff. See kids, it just goes to show that you shouldn't throw all of your old childhood memories away. Heck, they might eventually become trendy again. Too bad I don't have a tape player though. It probably would have been a smart idea to keep one so that I could actually listen to these again. Oops. My bad. Anyone out there with a tape player I can borrow? I think it's time for a mix tape fiesta.

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  2. And about 90% of my mix tapes consist of pieces of B96 "Top 9 at 9" broadcasts. Ha! You can borrow my tape player if the first one we listen to is my Wilson Philips cassette. Not a mix, but a classic nonetheless.

  3. Yes Lauren! Let's do this. Tray and I used to listen to Wilson Philips over and over and have dance parties in her living room. Great choice for first pick.