chalkboard door

Well, this past Memorial Day weekend was a success. We got a lot accomplished around these parts - painting, gardening, cleaning and even got to spend time with our friends & family to boot! It was a fantastic weekend. And, as promised I will be sharing each part of the design fest with you all. The first project I tackled was repainting the ugly metal door leading into the garage with none other than…chalkboard paint! Yes, I know, I am the coolest mom ever. {Let’s be honest though. I secretly wanted it for myself too.}

I’ve been dying to try out chalkboard paint and quickly realized that the door leading into the garage was the perfect canvas for it. The damn thing is always covered in fingerprints and dirt anyway so why not cover it up with black chalkboard paint? Goodbye ugly door…hello art canvas. Plus, since it’s right off our kitchen, June can keep herself busy there while I make dinner. Well, that’s the future plan at least…right now she would probably rather just eat the chalk.

Pssst….and guess what else? This project was super cheap {under $20} and easy to accomplish. The hardest part was convincing my husband that it was the best idea ever.

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