party in my bedroom.

Lately I have been focusing all of my efforts into turning our master bedroom into a little slice of heaven. We said sayanara to the orange walls and painted the room a pretty pale grey. I love my grey walls. To quote Ferris Bueller - they are so choice. I wanted to do a neutral wall so that I could insert fun pops of accent colors throughout the room, kind of like this:

and this

and even this

All of our existing bedding doesn't really mesh with the grey walls and it's in desperate need for an update. I’m digging this duvet cover from West Elm. I love the crisp stripes. So far, it’s my number one contender.

I have determined the fate for the silk scarf I picked up on one of my thrift store hunts. It will soon become a  silk scarf pillow on my bed. A woman I know is going to sew it for me for 10 buckaroos. Score.

Call me cupid. I found the perfect mate for my desk. Meet my new vintage ice cream parlor chair. Isn't she lovely? Other big news...I am no longer a Craigslist virgin. I finally took the plunge and it paid off big time. I had been searching for an ice cream parlor chair like this for a while but, the ones I found were either too expensive or sold in a set. This chair was only 15 bucks and the seller lived nearby. Boomshakalakalaka.

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