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I scored big time at the thrift stores over the past few weeks. Isn’t that shutter amazing?! I didn’t waste any time grabbing that baby the moment I laid eyes on it. And that silk scarf? Gorgeous! I’ve got some big ideas for these little guys and have already started editing a few of them. I'm in the process of redoing our master bedroom (on a tight budget) so, I plan on using some of these pieces to spruce it up.

Most of the time when I find a piece I love at the thrift store, I usually have no idea what I’m going to do with it. But, that’s kind of the fun in it. I have to quickly think on my feet and I get inspired to do something creative and out of the norm. If you are a frequent thrift store/garage sale shopper, then you know damn well that if you find something you love, you must buy it right there, on the spot. Otherwise, it will probably disappear by the next day. It is total impulse buying and I love it.

Here’s what I have brewing for these pieces so far:

1. Ugly artwork = new frame
2. Silk scarf = pillow? art? not sure about this one...
3. Shutter = bulletin board/organizer
4. Table runner = well, a table runner. no surprises here.
5. Plates = art
6. Doily = art

Doily. What a funny word. Now you're all repeating it, aren't you? I'll keep you all posted on what happens to all these treasures soon!

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