something red.

Red is my go-to color. I constantly gravitate to it for some reason. I just realized recently that I have something red in almost every room of my house. Funny how that happens, isn't it?
I'm still working on my master bedroom and of course, found something that I love for the room...which happens to be red. I picked up a couple of pimpy knobs for my desk last month. They are not any of the choices I had originally intended on here but, when Hobby Lobby had a 50% off sale on knobs, I couldn't pass it up! I love me a good bargain. I also found 2 1/4 yards of this amazing fabric from the thrift store for $2. A re-upholstering is definitely in order. Hmmm...dining room chairs or headboard? Decisions, decisions.
As much as I love the color red, too much of it can go really wrong, really fast. I tend to prefer a nice dose of it here and there. It adds a bit of pop to any space. 


  1. Love the top art!!! And totes headboard.

    1. I know - I had to include it! But def cropped out the xxx items floating around in the art. lol