silk scarf pillow


Yeah, that's what I said when I saw this beauty. I almost had a design orgasm. You might remember this post I wrote about some of my newest vintage finds, including the silk scarf used here. The colors and pattern are great - don't ya think? 

Originally, I was thinking about framing it but then I had an epiphany: turn it into a euro sham for our bed. Fucking brilliant. However, I had a problem. I didn't have a sewing machine or the sewing skills to back it up. Professional upholstery workrooms can get pricey so I knew I didn't really want to go that route. Then, I remembered a woman I knew that had altered bridesmaid dresses for my sister-in-law and I out of her home a few years ago. We were both pregnant at the time and somehow she fit our 8-month and 5-month pregnant bellies into our dresses beautifully. I knew this would probably be a cinch for her and called her up. I was right. She is a goddamn miracle worker {and my new best friend}. And guess what? The whole thing cost me $13. Yeah, I'm that good.

Silk scarf = $2
Backing fabric = $1 (another thrift store find)
Labor = $10
Filler = $0 (I already had it)

My only issue now is - what do I do with my other 2 shams? I'm thinking something more simple and solid...

If you know how to sew, this project would probably be an easy DIY. I did find some instructions here on Martha Stewart's site. Or, if you're not into the pillow thing, I did find some other fun ideas for silk scarves:

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