hello, pumpkin.

I have missed you. It's been way too long. It's been a hectic month around here, mainly because of this guy:

Poor Mikey is finally starting to come around after a UTI, crystals in his urine, 4 nights in the hospital, 2 catheter insertions, an extremely swollen paw and lots of stress. Phew. All of my free time has been spent going to the vet or following him around the house to make sure he pees and eats. Not my idea of fun. But, he's my little buddy so I just had to help him get better. Needless to say, there hasn't been much time for bloggin' around here. This is the most creative thing I've done all month:

Forget the carving knives...we use power drills to carve our pumpkins. Aw yeah. I have no patience with carving pumpkins so this was right up my alley and pretty darn easy too. I found a template for the jack-o-lantern face online and the BOO was just done free hand. The jack-o-lantern face kind of reminds me of the Lite Bright toy I had as a kid...anybody with me? 

Somebody else has been having lots of pumpkin fun as well. And she has been thoroughly enjoying these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that I made over the weekend. Forget anything else you had to do today and just go home and bake these cookies. You will thank me later.

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