birthday in a box + photo birthday garland

Well, hello there. It's been a while. About 9 months, jeez. Long story short: I found out I was pregnant in December (shortly after my last post) and was either too unmotivated or too busy nesting to keep up with the blog. Hey, life happens. And now that I'm in the last few days of pregnancy, I feel the urge to blog again! Probably bad timing on my part. Expect another post in about 8 months...

Even though I have a couple of house projects that I can't wait to share, I thought I'd start off with a quick birthday project I completed recently. My dear aunt turned 70 this month and sent a letter to all of her family and close friends instructing us that she wanted to celebrate this milestone birthday all month long! She designated each of us a day of the month in which we had to celebrate her birthday with her in some way.

I wanted to do something special instead of just the typical gift since my aunt has always been so good to us and we don't get to see her that often because she lives out of state. She is also literally a clone of Martha Stewart so the pressure is always on to do something creative. A typical card or flowers just won't do. I ran across this party in a box idea and just knew I had to create a version of it. But I wanted to do more of a nostalgic childhood birthday party. So, the birthday in a box was born. Side note: I also added some of those frozen alcohol drink mixes at the last minute after I took this picture. I know they don't go with the "nostalgic childhood birthday party" theme but every party is better with booze, right? 

Every birthday party needs a birthday banner as well. So, I decided to create one with my favorite model. 
We had a fun little photo shoot.

Then I developed the photos, glued them to some fun paper, poked ribbon through each square and voila - 
the cutest birthday banner was born. 

If you're ever in the doghouse with your mother-in-law (or anyone for that matter), just stick one of these little banners in a card for their next birthday. Instant brownie points. It would also work for pretty much any holiday. Do it. They'll love you.

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