painted valentines

I'm trying to savor the years my daughter will let me create a DIY valentine with her. You know, before she begs me to take her to Target to buy her Disney Princess valentines for her classmates or something like that. So, we had a nice little peaceful morning making a few valentines. Cute, huh?

Step 1: Find a kid. Especially one that loves to paint. Or an adult would work too. 
Step 2: Grab some supplies - paint, brush, blank cards (white cardstock works too), painters tape, Cricut or heart shaped punch, stamps (optional)

Step 3: Use the painters tape to tape off one side of the folded card.
Step 4: Give the kid some paint and let them do their thing. Let the cards dry completely.

Step 5: Once the cards are completely dry, peel the painters tape off. Place the cards in between some heavy books to flatten them out a bit.

Step 6: Pull out your Cricut and dust it off. I used the basic George cartridge that has 2 different kinds of heart shapes. Adjust your settings as you wish and put that Cricut to work. NOTE: If you do not have a Cricut, you could purchase a heart shaped punch from your local craft store and it would work just fine.

Step 7: Stand back and say "Aww these are adorable!"
Step 8 (optional): I just happened to have a small Happy Valentines Day stamp that I used inside the heart but it is definitely not necessary. They look great with or without it.

Step 9: Use those leftover hearts that you cut out earlier to embellish the inside.

How sweet.

Psst...I found the inspiration for these valentines here. I changed mine up a bit but the original inspiration uses vinyl hearts instead of a Cricut or punch, if that is more up your alley.

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