you warm my heart valentines

It appears that I get my blogging bug every year around Valentine's Day. Especially since that was
my ONLY post last year. Jeez. Insert crickets chirping here. Let's wipe the dust off this blog and start fresh, shall we?
To my surprise, I was not asked to buy Disney Princess valentines and was met with excitement when I asked my daughter if she wanted to make valentines with me. Yes! Mom - 2, Disney - 0. Suck it, Disney.
I really don't remember how I thought of this idea. I actually did not find it on Pinterest - shocking, I know. I was determined to make it work and once I found these you warm my heart printables, I was sold. They are adorable!
Metallic Pink and Red Cardstock
Circle Punches or Circle Cutter
Hot Chocolate Packets
I could list step by step instructions for you but, I think you all are pretty smart. You can do it! Plus, I have a kid that just woke up from a nap that I probably should attend to. June seems to have inherited a love of arts and crafts so I think this homemade valentine tradition will stick around for a while.

She's a goof.
If my blogging schedule continues as it has in the past, I'll talk to you next Valentine's Day.

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